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Welcome to the Art Studio!

My name is Mrs. Westley and as the art teacher at JKSIA. I am proud to offer a unique program that is choice-based and follows the Teaching for Artistic Behavior philosophy. This philosophy follows two core principles:


With this approach to art education, your child will be learning grade-level appropriate art skills and techniques that they will have the opportunity to use to actualize their own ideas. You will see artwork being brought home that will be developmentally-appropriate for your child’s age. We work hard on craftsmanship and building good skills, while honoring your child’s unique aesthetic. Your child will be making artwork for display, artwork to gift and artwork to take home depending on where your child’s interests take them. We are excited to see kids practicing creative problem solving skills, time management, and critical thinking. Every time your child comes to art they are in charge of their ideas and their artwork. That’s amazing brain work for our young students!

Your child's art education is important to me. We will be working towards creating original artwork that requires critical thinking and problem solving skills. Following Harvard University’s Studio Habits of Mind, which is based on how artists think and work, your child will be working towards the following goals:

DEVELOP CRAFT: How an artist correctly uses and cares for tools, materials, and workspaces. How an artist is careful about producing quality work.

·       I CAN care for tools, materials, & workspaces.

·       I CAN select & gather tools/materials to set up my workspace.

ENGAGE & Persist: How an artist problem solves and pushes through challenges.

·       I CAN work on my artwork over time.

EXPRESS: How an artist shows their own ideas, feelings, and personal meaning.

·       I CAN create original artwork.

·       I CAN generate my own ideas.

ENVISION: How an artist uses their imagination and creativity to think about all the steps in a project from planning to completion.

·       I CAN explain the steps I took to create my artwork.

REFLECT: How an artist deeply thinks and talks about their own ideas as well as those of other artists.

·       I CAN make revisions, edit, & reflect on my artwork.

·       I CAN talk about art with my peers.

OBSERVE: How an artist looks closely at the world and uses this information in their artwork.

·       I CAN use my observation skills to inform my artwork.

EXPLORE: How an artist challenges themselves to experiment, take risks, and learn from their own mistakes.

·       I CAN experiment and try new things.

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Contact Information

Lori Westley
Art Teacher